Rev broaching tool



inserts for slotting and broaching

The broaching and slotting inserts are made with a sintered alloy which, following heat treatment, reaches a hardness of 72 HRC. This material gives the REV broaching inserts high toughness, and can accordingly withstand strong pressures, with the subsequent possibility of using increments of up to 0.2 mm on steel and 0.3 mm on cast iron without breakage during processing. These increments would not be possible if the inserts were manufactured with a different material, like the majority currently available on the market. The inserts are also subject to a surface treatment, TiN coating, with anti wear and seize properties. The inserts are re-sharpened by tapering their sides. This process eliminates any gouges that would prevent the insert from cutting perpendicular to the reference axis of the workpiece during the broaching phase. The protruding shape of the inserts makes it possible to re-sharpen them numerous times. All of these characteristics make REV inserts extraordinarily long-lasting. The inserts are available for immediate delivery in 27 sizes (considering millimetre and inch-based measurements), and 4 tolerance classes for each size (C11, D10, H7 and P6). Inserts measured in millilitres are identified by their code ending with "SM" and execute 0.2x45° chamfering on the intersection point between the hole and the walls of the broached slot, leaving the hole burr-free. This type of chamfering can only be carried out on UNI keys. We also manufacture special inserts on customer demand. Using re-sharpening machines for REV inserts, re-sharpening can be carried out with a standard grinding wheel. The re-sharpening machine has a comfortable grip and ensures that the insert protrudes from the rod, making the operation easier to perform.