Longitudinal error correction

The working angle of the motorised slotter can be changed. This operation is used to correct any longitudinal errors. To do this, all you need is a 5mm Allen key. Turn the Allen key clockwise or anticlockwise to change the cutting angle of the motorised slotter.
This type of adjustment is protected by patent.


Symmetry correction

To correct any symmetry errors, if using a lathe without a Y-axis, simply unscrew the four bolts fastening the front of the tool to the moving central component. Then, by turning the Y-axis adjustment pin on the back of the aforementioned component with a 6 mm hex key, the tool will have an offset of +/- 0.5 mm, which is enough to correct any symmetry errors, and will create the missing axis.
This type of adjustment, which is indispensable for processing exactly in the centre of the piece to be worked, is protected by patent.