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Our company, F.P. Officina Meccanica, was founded in 1998 based on Mr. Paolo Franchini's 18 years of experience in the mechanics industry. For many years, the company carried out slotting and broaching activities for third-parties, working in the hydraulic, automotive, biomedical, speed reducer, gear construction and earth moving machinery industries etc.

Over time, in addition to slotting and broaching, the company began CNC lathing and milling mechanical parts, which also often involved producing internal keyways, and six-spline PTOs. Not only did it require a large amount of time to set up the various tools, it was also very complicated to perform these processes on traditional broaching and slotting machines due to frequent problems in relation to clamping the workpieces and difficulties in obtaining the required level of precision. The idea of producing, in-house, a tool to perform broaching directly on CNC lathes or machining centres developed from the need to solve these issues and difficulties, and was made possible by extensive experience with CAD CAM design.

This is how the "REV Broaching Tool" system for CNC machines was developed, which, after years of designing and a long period of in-house testing, was placed on the market for companies in need of resolving the same issues that we had in relation to broaching and slotting. The REV Broaching Tool undoubtedly represents an effective solution to these issues, as it allows broaching and slotting to be carried out directly on CNC machine tools (lathes, machining centres, milling machines, etc.), without having to set up other machines and without having to seek the assistance of subcontractors, plus, it guarantees an excellent finish and is always perfectly within tolerance. We have also discovered that the REV Broaching Tool can be successfully used on traditional machines such as slotting and shaping machines, therefore offering versatility and rigidity.

All of our customers that have used our REV Broaching Tool system thus far have expressed great satisfaction with the machining quality and the considerable savings in time and money. Customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement and the best motivation to keep improving.