Rev broaching tool



KIT of 7 REV insert-carrier tools to execute keyway seatings on CNC Lathes.

It is comprised of:

• 7 insert-carrier tools long line with a diameter of 25 mm (UT-03,04,05,06,08,10,12)
• 1 eccentric bushing, choosing between B-32 and B-32-VDI
• 14 inserts (2 for each tool size with tolerance class from standard catalogue selection)
• 3 re-sharpeners (RF-1, RF-2, RF-3)
• 1 screw with spherical end, choosing from BU-1, BU-2, BU-3, BU-4, BU-5, BU-6
• 1 painted steel tool-carrier base
• 3 Torx screwdrivers (T08, T15, T20).

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